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we'd love to hear about your experience please contact us here  to let us know how gentle conversations went for you.

"Dad died a few weeks after he offered to "guinea-pig" these questions for me.  It was such a gift to see him light up remembering his youth and his playful spirit that had been so hampered by his illness.

The gift of being able to say "In Dad's words..." at his funeral was immense.  We could create a fitting tribute based around his stories and experiences because of the Gentle Conversations questions.

It was also lovely to have the comfort of thinking about what he said he'd miss and how he would comfort us.  My brother had to go into work a day or so after Dad died and that was tough.  When he left to go home the field below was freshly mown, a smell Dad said he would miss.  It was like an encouragement from him.

We didn't get to talk about his death but the "Legacy Questions" were so precious and are like a family heirloom now."



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